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Repair Request

Repair Process:

1. Read and indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions for Akron Brass Repairs.
2. Complete the form and submit
3. Send your product to Akron Brass with one return address label and one packing list per box.

Terms and Conditions

  • Additional shipping charges may be added if products are not shipped to the correct repair facility.
  • The estimate charge will be waived if the repair is completed.
  • Akron Brass reserves the right to refuse products that are beyond repair and should be replaced.

60-Day Estimate Approval Period

  • Estimates must be approved within 60 days beginning on the date of submitting this request.You will receive additional follow-up messages if we have not received a reply accepting or refusing the estimate.
  • Five days after your 60 day follow-up, if we have not received a reply, your product(s) will automatically be returned without repair and you will receive an invoice for the estimate and shipping charges

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