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Aircraft Deicing Equipment

Deicing nozzles, monitors and other solutions

In the winter, freezing temperatures require special care of aircraft on the ground in order to keep them on schedule and moving safely. A critical part of winter operations involves de-icing procedures, which require special deicing nozzles, monitors and sprayers to handle the chemical fluids used. One chemical is applied in a hot spray, the other in a cool stream. The monitors are mounted on elevating platforms and must be able to rotate freely and be aimed up and down to reach all critical parts of the aircraft quickly and thoroughly.

Recommended Deicing Solutions:

When you need premium airport support equipment, remember that Akron Brass can provide your cold weather solutions. Deicing nozzles and monitors are specifically designed to handle Type 1 and Type IV fluids. Our product offering helps you de-ice effectively and efficiently to get the aircraft off the ground and in the air.

Deicing Nozzles

Choose from a variety of deicing control nozzles specifically designed to apply fluids to aircraft exteriors.

Deicing Monitors

Akron Brass aircraft deicing monitors are remote-control and designed to deliver air or deicing and anti-icing fluids both accurately and efficiently.

Deicing Equipment

Choose from a selection of vehicle lighting, electrical control solutions and other equipment designed to help you perform your job safely and effectively.

Other equipment available for firefighting in ARFF applications.


If you are looking to protect airport assets, Contact Us today to schedule a product demonstration or get a quote from a local distributor near you.


Handline Nozzles, Monitors & Equipment Deicing Flyer

Provides detailed information on our aircraft deicing control nozzles and electric remote-control monitors.

Aircraft Deicing Case Study

Akron Brass products help a busy, international airport deicing maintenance and repair crew improve their operations. 

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