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Vehicle Multiplexing with V-MUX

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What is Vehicle Multiplexing?

Multiplexing is a means of transmitting multiple signals over one line. For emergency vehicles, a multiplexing system is the best way to control and monitor several vehicle features, such as engines, lighting, climate control, and more. Multiplex systems for emergency vehicles helps simplify maintenance labor and offers flexibility to install new components and troubleshoot existing ones. .

traditional vehicle multiplexing system wiring diagram V-MUX vehicle multiplexing system wiring diagram


The V-MUX Multiplexing System

V-MUX is a complete electrical control system. The power distribution units (nodes) reduce wire harness bundles and electrical control hardware. Our software introduces advanced control features not available in traditional wiring systems. This combination of hardware and software make up the V-MUX system.


Why Multiplex with V-MUX?

V-MUX® integrates all systems and components; empowering the OEM to design their electrical systems using an intuitive suite of software tools. The V-MUX® advantage:

  • Fewer wires.

    Traditional electrical systems have hundreds of wires running along the frame and through the cab and body. This often makes it difficult to install new components or troubleshoot existing ones. V-MUX® will reduce the number of wires, reducing your labor.
  • Fewer splices and connectors.

    Fewer wires also means fewer splices and connections. Poor splicing techniques and corroded connections are two of the most common problems with traditional vehicle wiring. V-MUX® reduces splices by 75% and reduces connections by 25%. No electromechanical relays. Traditional wiring systems need to use relays for logic and output control. Relays are mechanical devices that will eventually fail. V-MUX® uses solid state devices that don’t wear out.
  • Built-in diagnostics.

    The laborious job of tracing electrical faults with a trouble light and volt-ohm meter is simplified by the built-in diagnostics that comes standard with the V-MUX® System.
  • Dedicated factory support.

    The V-MUX® system is supported by a world-wide, highly trained and specialized engineering group. Since 1998, Weldon V-MUX® vehicle multiplexing systems have been in service in the harshest operating conditions, from Alaska to the Arabian desert.


Wiring Before V-MUX

traditional vehicle multiplexing system wiring

Cleaner System With V-MUX

V-MUX vehicle multiplexing system wiring


The difference is clear – the comprehensive V-MUX system delivers ease-of-use with comprehensive diagnostics for a product unlike any other electrical control system. Regain total control of your fire fighting equipment today.

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