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Emergency Scene Lighting (LED) & Responder Lights

All fire departments need fire scene lighting systems to ensure that they’re ready to fight fires day or night. With our high intensity emergency scene lighting, you’re well prepared for any fire or rescue mission. In addition, we offer LED scene lighting products that are perfect for lighting up any environment for increased safety for emergency responders.

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Scene Lighting Brands

Choose Extenda-Lite scene light heads and mix and match with a variety of mounting options for superior illumination in every demanding fire service situation.

This series of LED high power scene lights has been engineered to provide industry leading levels of light output, and to allow for both flood and scene light patterns. Consistent and reliable, you’ll find SceneStar LED scene lighting can meet many fire service demands.

Choose a 1500, 1000, 500, 300 or 150 watt halogen light head.

Looking for versatile, portable scene lighting? Our Night Breaker Generator Light Kits incorporate a portable generator with an Akron Brass 300,500,650 or 750 Watt halogen light head.

Select a 150,300,500,650 or 750 watt halogen light head.

With very high optical efficiency, this scene lighting series maximizes illumination with minimal power consumption. High precision optical elements provide instant-on lighting and direct light onto work surfaces.


Featured Products

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DC SceneStar LED 19000

DC SceneStar LED 19000 LumenMore

AC SceneStar LED 20000 Lumen

AC SceneStar LED 20000 Lumen

Check out more emergency lighting to complement your scene light selection, or locate a distributor for product or ordering information.

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