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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

School buses, ambulances, fire trucks – all important vehicles that need to be clearly visible at all times. When it comes to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of emergency vehicles and school buses, you should only trust the best in emergency vehicle warning lights. Weldon offers a variety of vehicle lighting options that enhance safety and provide unmatched directional visibility. With Weldon safety products, you can rest assured that your vehicles will not be missed by anyone.


Emergency Vehicle & School Bus Safety Products


These perimeter emergency vehicle warning lamps exceed industry requirements and have fully customizable flash patterns and unique LED configurations.

These ideal emergency vehicle warning lights mount right on your doors and contain LEDs and specialized optics to emit a light flashing pattern that directs traffic away from the doors when open.

  • Red and Amber School Bus Warning Lights

Meeting federal school bus safety standards, these revolutionary and sustainable pupil warning lights combine advanced electronics and excellent thermal performance in one long-life LED lamp design.


If you want more information about any of our emergency vehicle warning lights, contact one of our Distributors.


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Featured Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


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