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Petrochemical Fire Fighting Systems

Petrochemical facilities require the protection of high performance water flow equipment and systems in order to prevent a catastrophic loss of people, facilities and equipment.  Some of the biggest safety challenges facing the operation of refineries or petrochemical facilities are controlling toxic or corrosive vapor cloud releases, suppression of hydrocarbon fires, and the protection and cooling of structures or other exposures. Manual and remote controlled monitor (water cannon) systems provide a solution by using directed, large flow streams. There are many benefits to installing petrochemical fire fighting systems in your facilities.

Benefits of a Manual or Remote Controlled Monitor Systems:

  • Remote controlled monitors allow fires or vapor releases to be managed from a safe distance; minimizing exposure to personnel
  • Gets water on the fire immediately
  • Reduced staffing in plants due to advanced automation results in fewer employees available for the fire brigades

Recommended Petrochemical Fire Monitoring Solutions:

With years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing fire fighting and vapor mitigation systems for industrial applications, Akron Brass understands the challenges faced in petrochemical environments. Products such as the Storm and the Conquest flow up to 2,000 gpm and produce a wide range of stream patterns for maximum coverage. Are your equipment specifications up to date?  We work closely with engineering firms, distributors, contractors and firefighters worldwide to meet your unique needs. Let Akron Brass assist you with designing a custom petrochemical fire monitoring solution for your application.

Recommended Products:

Contact Us today to speak to an engineer or request product specifications.  You can also contact a sales representative for a product demonstration.

Case Study:

Petro-Chemical Solutions Case Study: Akron brass helps refinery upgrade fire protection system with hydraulic monitors to protect pumps and other key components.

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