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Marine Fire Fighting Equipment

From aircraft carriers to yachts and cruise ships, the outbreak of a fire is about the worst situation that a sailor can face at sea. The potential for loss of life, environmental disaster or a threat to valuable cargo and assets is magnified when help can be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. There is no question that marine firefighting presents unique challenges. Although industry fire prevention regulations require a certain level of onboard marine firefighting capabilities, you need to be certain that your marine fire suppression equipment gives you the best opportunity to prevent a catastrophic loss.


Marine Fire Fighting Solutions

For many years, Akron Brass has supplied the marine industry with rugged and dependable fire protection equipment specifically designed for the unique situations presented during emergencies at sea. Akron offers a line of marine firefighting equipment ranging from hand line nozzles, fittings, adapters, manual or remote-controlled monitors and tools. We strive to have products Coast Guard or SOLAS approved. Let Akron Brass assist you with selecting the best products for your marine fire fighting needs.


Recommended Marine Products

Whether you’re looking for nozzles, monitors, or tools, our marine fire fighting products can help you decrease risk and increase safety.

  • Marine Nozzle Style 1702 – The Turbojet 1” Nozzle is an easy-to-use nozzle for firefighting. The water flow remains constant in each of its patterns, and the pistol grip design makes it easy to aim and use.
  • Marine Nozzle Style 1720 – This is another Turbojet model, with a bigger inlet than the 1702 model. This nozzle has a pistol grip and has constant gallonage no matter the flow pattern.
  • Fire Nozzles – Akron Brass’ nozzles are one of our oldest offerings. We design specialized nozzles for various applications, including specific nozzles mean for marine use.
  • Firefighting Monitors – Water cannons are one of the most important tools for firefighters, and it’s crucial that you have the best and most effective type for your crew. We have a wide selection of monitors with all sorts of size, material, and brand options.
  • Firefighting Tools | High-Performance Tools for Firefighters – Firefighters need more than just nozzles and monitors. We carry a selection of tools for firefighting needs, including safety equipment and generators.


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