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Low Pressure Handlines and Matching Flows

Andrea Russell, Global Product Manager, Akron Brass

Akron NozzleThere are many challenges fire departments face today. Over the past ten years the cost of a fire truck has gone up significantly, with PPE and SCBA’s taking up a significant portion of the budget that’s left after a new truck buy. So where does that leave the department when it comes to budget dollars for training and other loose equipment like hose and nozzles?

Why not consider running all handline nozzles at the same pressure and flow. With the flexibility of the available nozzles from Akron Brass, there are exciting choices that were not available in the past. Not only will this streamline training but it will also make simpler the nozzle selection process. Trucks can be outfitted with handline nozzles that allow you to match fog and straight stream to the smooth bore flows of their choice, while operating at a lower pressure such as 50 psi or 3.5 bar.



Low pressure operations can reduce the wear on the truck engine, provide better fuel economy, all w

With Akron Brass there are many handline nozzle options to help optimize low pressure water flow systems for your customers. Check with your local Akron Brass Sales Manager for more information or see providing plenty of water to knock the fire down. Operating all handline nozzles at one pressure simplifies training for the pump operator and relieves the nozzle person of having to decide what flow to choose. Operating all nozzles on the truck at one flow can help add consistency to training and will reduce complexity in handline selection for the truck - one flow at one pressure.

Today you can flow at low pressure from the same truck with the following nozzle configurations from Akron Brass.

Mixing and Matching Nozzles.
For example, your customer might decide on an UltraJet with a 15/16” tip on the foam line, break-aparts with a Saber Shutoff that includes the integrated 15/16” smooth bore tip and a 4866 Assault fog tip specified 185 gpm @ 50 psi for your high rise packs, and 4863 Assault nozzles rated 185@ 50 psi for direct attack. The truck is flowing 185 gpm @ 50 psi from all handlines.

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