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Akron Brass Blitzes the Market with Multiple New Products at FDIC 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007  

Wooster, Ohio – With an overwhelming display of customer-driven innovations, Akron Brass introduced an abundance of new products during FDIC 2007!

Building upon the introduction of their electric rewind cord reel, hydraulic hose reel, and air hose reel from last year, Akron Brass displayed their new electric rewind booster hose reel. Featuring the same heavy-duty construction, powder-coated finish and 5-year warranty of their other reels, this added product initially will include capacity for 150-ft. of 1-inch or 250-ft. of ¾” hose.

In terms of scene or area lighting, Akron Brass introduced a new configuration of their Extenda-Lite® with a tilting light head on a push-up pole for vehicle mounting. Being able to tilt the light head from ground level, the full tilt range is accomplished in just a quarter handle turn. The Akron Brass lock collar and handle lock will not bind or seize. Also with a 5-year warranty and perfect for large incident command, HAZMAT, or rescue vehicle designs, this product eliminates the need climb on top of a vehicle to adjust the light’s direction.

Another new Akron Brass scene light is the Extenda-Lite® XL which is an air-operated telescoping pole product that can be configured with two Akron Brass Beta light heads – or without lights and used for antennas or other specialty equipment. The pole assembly weighs only 35-lbs., has an extended height of 14-ft. (collapsed height of 6.5-ft.), and can be set up in just 30 seconds. Again, this product also has a 5-year warranty and is perfect for a rescue vehicle, command vehicle, rescue pumper, or ARFF application.

Also, Akron Brass introduced a new 360 degree Strobe Light on a telescopic pole. This new light is perfect for marking incident command, staging, or even for designating a rehab area. It can be wired for a double or quad flash and is available in green, amber, clear, and red strobe lights.

From their Weldon division, Akron Brass introduced several new features with their multiplex electrical system (V-MUX). This included a USB direct download component with their Vista III display, more intuitive diagnostics output naming, and GPS integration with the Vista III display as well. Enhancements have also been made with the Weldon Hercules node including having bi-polar inputs, new power studs with molded flanges, and the availability of a 24 volt version. A dedicated new climate control module was also introduced that when used in conjunction with the Vista III display, provides a fully automated climate control system.

Moreover, one of the most exciting new Weldon division products was the launch of a revolutionary new series of LED perimeter warning lights for fire apparatus and ambulance applications. Engineered with the patented high-power Weldon V-LED technology, these incredible new lamps have Pure-Pattern optics, customizable color arrangements, highly flexible flash patterns, lamp synchronization, wireless pattern selection, NFPA, KKK, SAE, and Title-13 compliance, and last (but certainly not least), they are field serviceable and upgradeable as LED technology continues to evolve.

Other new Weldon division lights include an interior 15 watt LED dome light for rear ambulance interior body applications, a fire apparatus cab interior LED dome light, a LED pump panel light, a LED license plate light, a dual-face red LED lamp for aerial outrigger applications, and some other LED marker lamps.

From their traditional line of water flow products, Akron Brass introduced an incredible array of exciting new products at FDIC 2007.

First, enhanced TurboJet and Assault handline nozzles were featured that incorporate several customer-driven design changes. These include making the products easier to disassemble and repair, easier pattern identification (with a raised lug on the bumper), and reduced rotation by as much as 50% (on some models) when changing from fog to straight stream.

Next, Akron Brass introduced an entirely new line of electric valve controllers to replace their former Navigator family of products. The new Style 9313 and 9315 products offer reliable and accurate readouts in a lightweight and compact housing to optimize pump panel space. Whether you need just a valve controller, a valve controller with a pressure meter, or a valve controller with a pressure meter and flow meter, these new products will handle it all. They feature technologically advanced solid-state electronics, protection against EMI, a new graduated LED scale to identify the valve position, and a 5-year warranty.

Also, for the Stream Master monitor, Akron Brass announced enhancements that provide extended range of motion (vertical travel now available with 45 degrees below and 120 degrees above horizontal), reduced current draw, and reduced friction loss in one great package with this “work horse” product.

Finally, Akron Brass exhibited their new Style 101 and 102 Top-Mount Remote Control Handle for manual valve actuation. For the rugged requirements of the fire service, this product is produced with cast brass construction and a stainless steel handle rod.

For more information about any of the new Akron Brass products, call your local authorized Akron Brass distributor or the Akron Brass Customer Service Department at 1-800-228-1161.

Founded in 1918, Akron Brass is a Premier Farnell company, Akron Brass is ISO 9001: 2000 registered and has an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative products.

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