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Hydrant Valves

With years of experience in the fire service industry, Akron Brass has specifically designed its hydrant valve and hydrant assist valve to function with ease and accuracy under the stressful and ever-changing environments of the firefighting industry. For more detailed information on our hydrant valve and hydrant assist valve with the 4-pump attachment, browse our selection below to find the right valves for your application.

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2 1/2'' Hydrant Valves

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4-Way Hydrant Valves

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Types of Hydrant Valves

A full-flow hydrant valve is the connection point where firefighters can tap into a water source. Our hydrant valve is manufactured with a Tork-Lok handle for easy handle positioning and smooth open or shut off modes. Its Pyrolite construction is tough yet lightweight able to handle full open flow water pressures and additional pressures coming from fire engine pumps to boost water pressures for optimal results. The hydrant valve operates on full-on or full-off positioning and has an adapter that is easily removed for seat adjustment.

Our hydrant assist valve allows for continued water flow and pressure without having to shut off the hydrant while waiting for additional water pump attachments. Akron Brass’ hydrant assist valve allows for up to 4 additional attachments in regulating optimal water pressure and flow. During the changeover of pump attachments, there is a maximum pressure differential of 75 psi and up to 300 psi during maximum operating pressure. When changing ball position, the maximum flow is 1000 GPM. The introduction of re-circulating flow and pressure is a step-by-step process until desired optimum results are reached.

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