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About Akron Brass

Akron Brass: Fire fighting equipment suppliers


As a global manufacturer of firefighting equipment and emergency response products, Akron Brass designs and develops products and systems that help you perform your job safely and efficiently. Whether you’re in emergency services, natural resource extraction, petrochemical processing, airline operations, or other industries, Akron Brass leads fire fighting equipment suppliers in delivering customized, complete and integrated solutions to meet the challenges we know you face on a daily basis.

Since its inception in 1918, Akron Brass has been an industry leader in handline nozzles, monitors and valves, but the company has evolved into so much more. With a focus on innovation, Akron Brass leads fire fighting equipment suppliers in developing products suitable for unique applications such as de-icing, equipment wash-down, and more. In addition, the Weldon division of Akron Brass provides a complete offering of lighting devices and customized electrical control solutions for specialty vehicle markets. From warning lights to multiplexing, Akron Brass’s Weldon division offers cutting-edge design and manufacturing.

We know that your job requires a lot of responsibility, and we understand the sacrifices you make to perform your job. By observing, listening, learning and collaborating with you, Akron Brass engineers and manufactures the products you need to achieve your goals.

Headquartered in Wooster, OH, Akron Brass has grown to include manufacturing facilities in Washington, IL, and Columbus, OH with sales offices in Beijing, China and Dubai, UAE. Akron Brass is backed by their parent company, IDEX, an American fluidics manufacturer, involved in the fire suppression industry.  Learn more about IDEX.

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