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Create Customized Product Flyers from our Websites

for Akron Brass and Hale Products 

Did you know as an authorized distributor, you can create custom product sheets and promotional brochures that feature your business logo and contact information? Follow these simple steps to create a product flyer for any product we feature on the website and either save them as a file which can be emailed to your customer or print them for your next sales call or customer event.

Instructions for creating a Customized Flyer

  1. Go to Akron or Hale and select My Account located at the top right-hand side of page.
  2. Enter your email address and password to login. (If you are not previously registered as a user, sign up! We will authorize your account within one business day.
  3. Once logged in, select Custom Product Flyer from the left-hand menu of the My Account dashboard page.  Here you can upload your business logo and enter the business name, contact name, address & email which will then be visible  on your custom flyers.

After completing this step and anytime you are logged in, you can browse to any product page. Select Print Product Sheet or Print Promotional Brochure to generate a custom Flyer as a PDF document that can be downloaded, emailed to customer or printed.


It’s that easy!


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