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V-MUX Software Updates & Downloads

The software below is used in conjunction with V-MUX Hardware. For questions regarding V-MUX Software, contact Weldon Application Support at 1.800.989.2718


If you are not sure what software you need, have a look at the V-MUX Software Guide


Node Operating System Files

Note: V-MUX Downloader now uses C:\Users\{username}\Documents\V-MUX as default path for OS files.
For Archived OS Files go here

File Version Updated Description
All OS Files 20190121 01/21/2019 All OS Files Zip
Release Notes



V-MUX PC Software

File Version Updated Description
VMUXDiagnostics143017_Install.exe v1.4.3.017 10/16/2015 V-MUX Diagnostics Software
Release Notes
VMUXDownloader624_Install.exe v6.2.4.004 04/27/2015 V-MUX Downloader v6.2.4.004
*OS Files not included*
Release Notes
Transceiver Driver 2.12.28 8/30/2017 USB Transceiver Drivers for 32bit and 64bit OS.



Vehicle Data Recorder Software

File Version Updated Description v6.1 10/28/2010 Weldon VDR USB Drivers
Unzip and run the Installer
VDR-OEM-v106-NoNet4-Setup v1.0.6 12/03/2011 Weldon Vehicle Data Recorder OEM Software
w/o .NET Installer Size: 5 MB
Unzip and run VDR-OEM-v106-NoNET4-Setup.exe

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is required for this software. If it is not installed, this installer will allow you to download it from the internet.




File Updated Description
Relationship Reports 2015 12/02/2015 Version 2
Troubleshooting Checklist 12/02/2015 Version 1 of the Guide
V-MUX Six Step Guide 09/21/2012 Version 3 of the Guide
V-MUX Connector Spec.pdf 02/01/2015 V-MUX Connector Spec Document
V-MUX Diagnostics.pdf 09/10/2012 V-MUX Diagnostics User Manual
V-MUX Downloader.pdf 06/04/2012 V-MUX Downloader User Manual
VistaIII-FieldSettings.pdf 04/25/2005 Vista III Field Settings User Manual
Programming the Vista IV.pdf 01/06/2012 Loading a Binary using aflash drive
NetworkLayout.pdf 02/10/2005 V-MUX Network Layout Example Document
V-MUX_Installation.pdf 09/17/2012 V-MUX Installation Manual
USB Transceiver Setup.pdf 04/11/2006 Installing your USB Transceiver (Windows XP)
Correcting USB Driver Installation Errors.pdf 04/11/2006 Uninstalling and Reinstalling USB Drivers
Shunt Interface Calibration.pdf 04/11/2006 Calibrate Shunt Interface Module
VDR-SBI Datasheet.v2.pdf 02/10/2009 Weldon Vehicle Data Recorder Datasheet (Rev 2)
VDR-Manual-EndUser.pdf 06/01/2009 Weldon Vehicle Data Recorder End User Manual
Vista Button Replacement Guide.pdf 05/05/2013 Weldon Button Replacement Guide



Technical Service Bulletins

File Version Updated Description
PODS Fuse Recommendation N/A 11/19/2012 AEB 12-004 PODS Fuse Recommendation
Service Bulletin 012 N/A 10/05/2009 Updating the Vista III Bootloader
TSB012 Support Files N/A 10/05/2009 Support Files to Update the Vista III Bootloader



EVT Study Materials

File Version Updated Description
EVT Home Page N/A N/A Link To: EVT Certification Commission
V-MUX Six Step Guide v1 N/A 04/04/2005 Version 1 of the Guide
V-MUX Six Step Guide v2 N/A 03/07/2006 Version 2 of the Guide
V-MUX Six Step Guide v3 N/A 09/21/2012 Version 3 of the Guide
Relationships Report N/A 12/02/2015 Relationships Report Study Guide
Troubleshooting Checklist N/A 12/02/2015 Troubleshooting Study Guide



V-MUX Technical Information

V-MUX Nodes

  • 6000 Series - Hercules
    Weldon's Hercules Node is a serious node capable of carrying up to 120 amps of load. This module has been the work horse of thousands of V-MUX systems in the field for over a decade. This node excels at IO with 16 Digital and 3 Analog Inputs as well as 26 Outputs.
  • 6010 Series - Mini 4x12
    Weldon's Mini4x12 Node is capable of carrying up to 55 amps of load. This node has 4 Digital and 1 Analog Inputs as well as 12 Outputs.
  • 6020 Series - Mini 16
    Weldon's Mini16 Node has 16 Digital Inputs.
  • 6030 Series - 8x16
    Weldon's 8x16 Node is capable of carrying up to 80 amps of load. This node has 6 Digital Inputs as well as 2 Inputs that can be used as Analog or Digital. This node has 16 Outputs.
  • 6231 Series - Vista III
    Product Information Flyer
    Weldon's Vista III Node is a full color display capable of displaying images as well as text information. Now also available as a touch screen, the Vista III is the perfect tool for putting information and control right at the operator's fingertips.
  • 6310 Series - PODS
    Smart Switch Controller Drawing (12 Volt)
    Smart Switch Controller Drawing (24 Volt)
    Product Information Flyer
    Weldon's Programmable On-demand Switches (PODS) provide a convenient switching solution without tying up IO module Inputs and Outputs. By combining a controller and multiple switch modules together, PODS can put your switches where you need them.
  • 6400 Series - Gateway

    Product Information Flyer
    Weldon's Gateway Node allows the V-MUX system to interface with other CAN based multiplexed systems. Weldon's Gateway Node can work with SAE J1939 as well as proprietary networks.
  • Vehicle Data Recorder
    Installation Drawing

    Product Information Flyer
    Meeting the requirements of NFPA 1901-2009, the new Vehicle Data Recorder collects essential data for your training needs. Reviewing the information is made easy with an intuitive computer application. Apply this data to your training programs to improve response times, driver awareness and seat belt safety.



V-MUX Peripherals

  • Backup Camera
    Product Information Flyer
    Both Rear and Side Mount cameras are available for connection to the Vista III, which can be programmed to automatically switch to the camera image when in backup or turn mode.
  • Bluetouch Switch Panel
    Product Information Flyer
    WTI has solved the age old problem of legends on switches! With the Blue Touch panels, the OEM can print their own legends by simply running our die-cut nylon sheet through their laser printer. The light blue color of the rubber membrane, combined with the blue backlighting creates a Blue Touch look.
  • Hall Effect Current Sensor
    Our Hall Effect sensor plugs directly into a Hercules or Mini4x12 without requiring a current shunt. Data can be displayed, reported or used for load shedding or other automatic functions.
  • Current Shunt Interface Module
    Our encapsulated module is used to convert the signal from a current shunt into the V-MUX system. Data can be displayed, reported or used for load shedding or other automatic functions.
  • Modem Transceiver Module
    This module allows connection to a vehicle by using a computer equipped with a modem, and a phone line. The module resides in the vehicle, allowing the user to plug the module into the nearest phone line and dial into the diagnostics center from your computer modem.
  • Occupant Restraint Indicator
    New Product Update Flyer
    The Occupant Restraint module will indicate whether occupants are properly restrained or not.
  • Temperature Sensor
    This sensor is used to report interior or exterior temperature. This data can be displayed, reported or used for A/C, heat, ice warning or other automatic functions.
  • VFD
    Technical Specifications
    Our two-line, twenty character display is capable of reading out a wide range of data from the V-MUX system.



V-MUX Service and Connector Kits

  • 6131 V-MUX Field Service Kit
    The V-MUX® Field Service kit will aid you in troubleshooting your V-MUX equipped vehicle, downloading changes or programming a replacement node. The software will run on all Windows based systems with an available USB port.
  • V-MUX Connector Kits and Loose Connectors
    V-MUX Node Connector kits and loose Deutsch connectors available from Weldon.

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