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V-MUX Advantage


  • Provide Short and Open Circuit Detection
  • Eliminate Electromechanical Relays
  • On-Board Service Information
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Reduce Splices by 75%
  • Reduce connections by 25%
  • Increase Reliability and Minimize Downtime
  • Simplify Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Peer-to-Peer System
    • Nodes Hold their Own Configurations
    • Nodes can Operate Independently for Improved Reliability
  • Integrated Load Shedding and Sequencing
  • Dimming Controls
  • The OEM can Configure all of the Displays/Screens
  • Easy to Use, Windows® Based Programs
  • Training and Support Provided
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Modules Operate from -40° to +85° C.
  • RF Testing to 100V/meter
  • Exceed Most SAE, NFPA, NMEA and RVIA Standards for Electronics
  • 100% Solid-State Technology

What If I Want To Make Upgrades Or Changes?

The SystemDesignerTM software allows the OEM to configure the vehicle. The OEM can e-mail or remote download the update to the vehicle.

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