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Know Your Vehicle Is Ready with Link2 Wireless Vehicle Monitoring

how it works

Access to Critical Engine Data

Link2 offers visibility to critical engine, fuel level, tank level, and diagnostic data. The data is automatically captured and reported via a standard Wi-Fi connection to an easy-to-use web dashboard. Link2 helps maintenance personnel quickly and easily resolve issues to keep your fleet up and running.

How it Works

The Link2 module connects directly to your vehicle and records vehicle data received from its network. That data is transmitted automatically to the Link2 servers and viewed through the online dashboard. Receive alerts on your mobile device when your vehicle needs attention.
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Improve Driver Safety and Performance

Use run data to enhance driver training and increase public safety. Information collected can be dissected to use as a training tool. Review runs step-by-step to help your team be more efficient while improving safety.

Convenient, Anytime Access to Your Vehicle Data

Collected vehicle data is presented on an intuitive, user-configurable dashboard for easy access anywhere in the world. Parameters can be configured for each monitored item. An e-mail alert is triggered by out-of-range parameters, letting you know exactly when your vehicle needs attention. Link2 takes the guessing game out of cryptic engine codes so you can make informed decisions quickly.

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs

Link2 can help you avoid costly unplanned maintenance and downtime. With easy access to vehicle data and email alerts, you can stay in touch with your vehicle at all times. Look and listen for early warning signs. Track daily usage to help you schedule preventative maintenance before problems develop.


The Link2 Module


  • Collects Critical Vehicle Information
  • Compatible with all heavy duty chassis J1939 vehicles, 2001 and newer
  • Records CAN J1939 data bus activity such as engine, transmission, ABS, aerial, fuel level, tank level, and PTO information
  • Deutsch IP6# sealed enclosure with corresponding dual Deutsch harness connectors
  • USB configurable via any off-the-shelf cable

Learn more about the Link2 Module

Stay in touch with your vehicle. View captured vehicle data at  The dashboard translates cryptic engine codes and displays the data in an easy-to-read format.

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The Link2 Dashboard

View vehicle data through the Link2 Dashboard. Understand and analyze your vehicle by utilizing the following tools:

  • Alerts
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Activity Logs and Graphs

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