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V-MUX Hercules HC

The 6060 series Hercules HC builds upon the proven performance and reliability of the current Hercules 6000 series V-MUX® multiplex node by providing more robust I/O, increased connectivity options, and a lower price than the current Hercules node. V-MUX® is a vehicle multiplex system that offers tremendous flexibility to the OEM builder. Integrate standalone vehicle sub systems such as door interlocks, high idle control, voltage monitoring, and vehicle diagnostic troubleshooting. The Weldon SystemDesigner™ software allows for easy configuration and programming of Hercules HC node, giving users flexibility and control to use any input or output the way they need. The Hercules HC node offers more functionality and connectivity at a lower price, allowing OEM builders to streamline their V-MUX designed vehicles to meet customer's requirements for multiplex vehicle designs
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