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AeroMaster12 3700 Akromatic Electric Master Stream Nozzle

The Style 3700 is a 6,000 to 12,000 lpm (1,500 - 3,170 gpm) automatic nozzle with reach capabilities up to 125 m (410'). With a 4.5" inlet, this nozzle is designed as the perfect match to the Aeromaster12 monitor. The Style 3700 is available with optional flat disperse pattern blades providing outstanding ground coverage of 46 m (152') wide and maintains in cab operator visibility when used in roof mounted applications. To maximize foam expansion and drain time, just add the field detachable Style 730 Quick-Attack foam tube. The combination of the flat dispersed pattern and the detachable foam tube is patent pending. This flat dispersed pattern blades allow the dispersion jaws to be moved from the end of the foam tube to the front of the foam tube. The result is a lighter foam tube with less moving parts.
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