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National Firefighter Readiness Conference

The National Firefighter Readiness Conference by Akron Brass is coming to a city near you. Our regional educational series will help you be prepared for challenges you encounter in your job. Want to know about the latest firefighting equipment, tools and technologies? With our hands-on, tactical and theoretical courses, you’ll leave each session feeling better prepared and more confident in your skills.

Find training sessions near you:

  May 1, 2012 Tallahassee - Tallahassee Fire Department Fire Recruit Training  Center.
Earn CEU credits at this location!
  May 2, 2012 Orlando - Central Florida Fire Academy
Register   May 3, 2012 Palm Beach - Palm Beach State College

Reasons why you should attend:

1.   Free for you to participate
2.   Bring home best practices
3.   Learn from the experts
4.   Network with neighboring departments
5.   Experience valuable hands-on training techniques
6.   Share your experience with your peers
7.   See the latest product innovations
8.   Minimal travel
9.   Better prepared for your job
10. Win valuable door prizes

Session Details

Additional cities and dates to be announced soon

Time: 9 am – 3 pm (lunch provided)
Cost: Complimentary

This FREE one-day conference includes classroom and hands-on sessions, course material, lunch and door prizes. Space is limited so register early!

Course descriptions:

Hydraulic Theory
Students will be challenged with the theory behind water delivery including hose dynamics, fire streams, and engine and nozzle pressures. You will leave this class knowing and understanding how these principles as well as others can positively affect your future decision making on the fire ground.

The New Firefight
Lightweight energy-efficient construction, alternative electrical supply, modern fuels, and staffing reductions have combined to make today’s firefighting a challenge for even the most experienced firefighter. This class brings together cutting-edge portable water flow tools and best practices from around the country to combat these challenges and more.

Forcible Entry
Students will learn about the latest technology and innovations in forcible entry hand tools and learn safe effective methods of forcible entry on common types of doors, locks, and gates. They will rotate through stations such as inward outward doors, conventional irons work, restricted space, and metal doors. The goal is to gain the a better understanding of the tool’s capabilities and learn skills necessary to negate common security measures in order to access fires, start searches, place hoselines, access patients, and so on.

Sub-grade and Confined Space Fire Attacks
A fire in the below ground or in a basement is different than any other fire to which firefighters respond. Fire can easily spread through voids that initiate there; causing structural instability. Sub grade fires also force firefighters to enter through the hottest layers of heat and smoke to access the seat of the fire. “It’s in the basement” are four dreaded words that should make everyone on the fire ground immediately rethink their tactics. Topics for this class include building construction, size up concerns, proper handline attacks, and new effective technologies for use in combating confined space and sub grade fire suppression.

Modern Vehicles and Technology
Recent innovations in technology are now providing alternative solutions for all aspects of your fire apparatus. This program will give the latest information and materials on such “hot topics” as Apparatus Safety Systems, Green Technology, Vehicle Maintenance and Performance Information.

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