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Bright, Red Paint - A New Akron Standard

Akron proudly introduces a new standard bright red paint that will be applied to all Monitors, Wyes, Siamese, Hydrant Valves, Gate Valves, etc. This improved high gloss red paint was tested and proven to have increased corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and UV performance. It also promotes excellent adhesion to brass products. The new paint includes other great environmentally friendly features with lower V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) emissions during application and remains lead free.


  • Bright, vivid new RED color
  • Higher gloss levels to withstand weathering due to extreme environments
  • Improved corrosion resistance extending the life of the product
  • Improved impact resistance showing less wear and tear over time
  • Better adhesion versus non-primed brass products
  • Substantial increase to UV performance means less fading due to direct sunlight
  • Lowered V.O.C. emissions by 15%


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