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MatrixSWITCH - Pressure Governor Switch Panel Control

A switch based pressure governor controller, featuring 6 large raised buttons for simple operation of your system.

The Matrix Pressure Governor monitors and controls your pump discharge pressure to maintain desired operating pressure range. With intelligent controls, it detects conditions when water supply is reduced or cut off and reacts the way an operator would to keep engine speed from increasing out of control.

  • Fully networked system allows controls from multiple locations with various user interfaces
  • Integrated with V-MUX® for advanced control options
  • Link2 Integration provides real time pump data to your mobile device through the Link2 mobile app
  • All Matrix modules are sealed enclosures designed to meet IP67 for reliable performance in harsh environments
  • USB port on MatrixCONTROL™ and MatrixDISPLAY™ for quick and easy updates
  • Fully J1939 compliant
  • NFPA 1901 compliant

The heart of the system is the MatrixGOVERNORTM module, providing the engine control algorithms and directly controlling the engine.  Choose from a variety of control options or control from your own J1939 compliant device.  Akron Brass offers the following control options:

  • MatrixCONTROLTM – complete panel-mounted controller with color LCD display and push button control.
  • MatrixSWITCHTM – switch panel for simple operation – increase, decrease, go to preset, change mode and idle engine from switch panel
  • MatrixDISPLAYTM – color LCD display only.  Use with FlexKNOBTM, MatrixSWITCHTM or other 3rd party control device
  • MatrixKNOBTM – throttle control knob.  Use stand alone or with MatrixDISPLAYTM.
  • VMUX Vista interface – Control governor directly from Vista screen
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