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Wildland Foresty Firefighting Equipment

Wildland and forestry firefighting equipment


Rough terrain. Severe conditions. The danger is imminent! Wildland fires are becoming a fact of life for municipal, suburban, and rural departments alike. Uncontrolled wildfires pose a significant danger to public health and safety and destroy thousands of acres a year. The right choice of wildland firefighting tools can help firefighters attack these fires quickly and effectively.

Wildland Firefighting Tools and Solutions


Being prepared is the best form of defense. We offer unique forestry firefighting nozzles, monitors and hand tools that are specifically designed to handle the intensity of wildland fires. Compressed air foam (CAFS) can be highly effective for wildland and urban interface firefighting.

Departments that want the flexibility to deliver either water or compresses air foam from the same handline may choose Akron SaberJet nozzles with large diameter bores. Firefighters can switch from fog water streams to smooth-bore foam streams without changing nozzles or shutting down. When working on a fire line, rely on US forest service specified hand tools to accomplish the job.


Recommended Wildland Firefighting Tools:


Wildland Fire Nozzles

Choose from our recommended list of nozzles designed for the rugged simplicity of wildland fire fighting applications or view all of our wildland nozzles.


Wildland Fire Monitors

Our wildland fire monitors provide an extremely rugged and durable design ideal for brush and wildland fire fighting.


Wildland Fire Hand Tools

Choose from a variety of wildland fire hand tools including forcible entry, pike poles, shovels, rakes, hose wrenches and more.

If you are looking to protect natural resources and your community, contact us to schedule a product demo or get a quote from a local distributor near you.


Wildland Firefighting Case Study

The Bureau of Land Management provides fire protection to remote terrain using Akron Brass remote-control fog nozzles and monitors to attack difficult to reach and dangerous fires. 

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