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Case Study: Orrville Fire Department

Chief Bob Ballentine 

The Orrville Fire Department protects the city of Orrville and portions of the surrounding rural area in northeast Ohio. It operates out of two stations with two frontline engines, one reserve engine, an aerial, a rescue pumper, two ALS squads, a grass truck, and a tanker. All of the personnel are volunteers except for the chief.

Chief Bob Ballentine joined the department in 1971 as a volunteer and was named chief in 1989. He was appointed the first full-time chief, his current position, in 1992. "We were using Akron Brass products when I started and we've been using them ever since," he notes.

The department uses Akron Brass TurboJet nozzles on its preconnected handlines, as well as on some larger attack lines to take advantage of the different stream patterns available from a single nozzle. It also uses some Akron SaberJet and smooth bore nozzles for specific applications.

Its newest engine is equipped with a compact, demountable Akron Brass Apollo monitor, and the other apparatus have older Akron monitors. Orrville carries both fog nozzles and stacked tips for all its monitors and selects the appropriate one depending on the type of fire situation.

The department also uses Akron Brass Swing-Out valves on all its apparatus, as well as a variety of other Akron Brass products. The department's newest truck, the rescue pumper, is equipped with Akron Brass electric valve controls on the pump panel.

"Akron Brass has been a good company to work with," says Chief Ballentine. "We are especially pleased with the availability of parts and repair services it offers for all its products. If anything goes wrong, we know we can get it fixed right away."

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