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Case Study: New Concord F ire Department

Chief Brent Gates

The New Concord Fire Department in southeastern Ohio protects everything from a bustling college campus to a busy Interstate highway. It operates out of one station with 45 volunteer firefighter/EMT personnel and covers an area of 72 square miles that includes residential, commercial, and open rural land. Last year, the department responded to about 250 fire calls and more than 700 emergency medical service calls.

Chief Brent Gates heads the department and has been involved with the fire service for almost 30 years. "We were using Akron Brass products when I first joined, and I've been a firm believer in Akron ever since," he notes.

An inventory of the department's equipment includes just about every type of Akron Brass product made. "We use Akron nozzles, monitors, playpipes, valves, adapters and even hose jackets and clamps," says chief Gates. "Our pumps are all equipped with Black Max piston intake valves, our preconnected attack lines all have SaberJet nozzles, and our trash lines have TurboJet fog nozzles. We recently purchased a good used tower quint and upgraded the elevated monitors with Akron Brass valves and nozzles."

Among the many Akron Brass products in the department, the firefighters especially like the SaberJet nozzles because of the ability to switch from fog to a straight stream and deliver a true smooth bore flow without a lot of turbulence. They also like the lower operating pressures of the nozzles that make them easier to handle. The department uses SaberJets on both 1¾-inch and 2½-inch handlines to provide a versatile means of attack that can handle a wide range of fire situations.

"I've been to the Akron Brass factory and watched the manufacturing process from beginning to end," says chief Gates. "The attention to quality is evident in all areas and is especially noticeable in the skill and pride of the people working there. That extends to the people in service, sales, engineering, and the top brass at Akron who make it one big team that takes care of customers by providing excellent service and new items for an ever-changing fire service." Chief Gates adds "Akron's wide range of products and their excellent performance and service has made them a 'one-stop' shopping source for us."

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