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Case Study: Fort Worth Fire Department

Why does the Fort Worth Fire Dept. trust Akron Brass with its firefighting apparatus? Learn why by reading our Fort Worth case study.

Captain Homer Robertson, Apparatus and Equipment Officer Fort Worth, Texas, is situated in one of the fastest growing areas of the country. It is located just west of the busy Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and includes high-rise business structures, suburban residential areas, tourist and convention facilities, and numerous rail and highway corridors.

The Fort Worth Fire Department operates out of 41 stations with more than 800 personnel and responds to more than 75,000 calls each year. Its response area covers 345 square miles and is expanding every year.

Captain Homer Robertson is the apparatus and equipment officer for the department. "We use a number of Akron Brass products including nozzles, valves and electrical junction boxes," he says. "We also specify the Weldon V-MUX multiplex electrical system on our apparatus."

The department recently outfitted its apparatus with Akron Brass piercing applicators to help improve its ISO rating and give it another tool to reach fires quickly. "We are in the process of teaching firefighters how to use the piercing applicators effectively on metal-clad, masonry and other tough building construction," notes Robertson. "We like the rugged construction of the Akron Brass product and are impressed how we can pound it through walls, roofs and roll-up doors."

Fort Worth also uses Akron Brass nozzles, including many that are specifically designed for use with CAFS. The department specifies smooth bore nozzles with pistol grips and 15/16-inch or larger tips to produce excellent compressed air foam streams. "About one-third of our engines are equipped with CAFS," comments Robertson, "and we expect that number to grow in the future." Several of the aerials also have Akron Brass electrically controlled elevated monitors, and some are equipped with smooth bore stacked tips for use with CAFS.

Akron Brass electrical products used by the department include cable reels and junction boxes. "We carry electrical junction boxes on both our engines and trucks," says Captain Robertson. "We specify four different outlets in each box to let us supply power to a variety of tools including those that require straight-blade, twist-lock and ground fault interrupter connections."

"Ease of maintenance has been a big factor in selecting Akron Brass," notes Robertson. "Nothing is perfect, but Akron Brass products have been very reliable for us and are very easy to maintain."

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