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Structural Firefighting

A structure fire involves anything from residential buildings like homes and apartment complexes to various commercial buildings like office and shopping malls.  Many tactics are used when fighting a structural fire. The best strategy is to hit a fire hard and fast with sufficient water flow to get ahead of it and knock it down rather than using too little water, too late, and having to chase the fire.

Structural Firefighting Solutions:

Akron Brass has been manufacturing equipment to fight structural fires for decades.  To aide firefighters in their efforts, many solutions are available for interior and exterior attacks, like Akron’s Turbojet handline nozzle and the Mercury Quick Attack portable monitor. We have a full line of nozzles, monitors (water cannons) and hand tools to meet all your structural firefighting needs. We are here for you as your single source supplier.

Recommended Firefighting Equipment:

If you are a municipality or a private organization, looking to protect your community and property, Contact Us today to schedule a product demonstration or get a quote from your local distributor.

Case Studies:

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