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Emergency Vehicle Lighting and EMS Solutions

Emergency vehicle lighting and EMS lighting solutions

Make sure your emergency vehicle is ready for the call with EMS lighting.

EMS Lighting Solutions

Whether at an accident scene or on the road, ambulance services and rescue vehicles need to be seen from a clear, safe distance. High visibility EMS lighting alert others to approach with caution.  Having the proper scene lighting to illuminate the area will provide the EMTs and paramedics with adequate lighting to care for patients at the scene of an injury or accident. During transport, interior lighting is critical in continuing the assessment and monitoring of vital signs inside the ambulance. Weldon's experience in manufacturing high quality, engineered emergency vehicle and EMS lighting solutions, as well as electronic control systems, has come from years of listening to you, the customer.

Recommended EMS Lighting Products

If you are a municipality or private organization looking to upgrade your EMS lighting or are specifying a new vehicle, Contact Us today to schedule a product demo or get a quote from a local distributor near you.

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