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Industrial Systems FAQ

Question: What types of systems do you offer?

Answer: We build remote controlled monitor (also known as industrial water cannon) systems for industrial fire suppression, vapor mitigation, tank/facility wash down, slag cooling, dust control, force protection and riot control (chemical injection) applications. Our systems are in use and have application with the petroleum refining and storage, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, de-icing, solid waste management, vehicle and ship building, law enforcement/corrections industries – and more!

Question: What do Akron Brass industrial monitor systems involve?

Answer: These systems can be powered electrically, hydraulically or manually. Each system typically consists of:
  • A Pump and Piping System. These are usually specified and purchased by our customer with the aid of our Industrial Engineered Solutions.
  • A Riser or Standpipe. This is used if an extension of the waterway is needed. Akron Brass has various solutions available.
  • A Control Panel. Standard or custom master control panels are available. The customer can specify controls or use one of our standard joystick or push button designs.
  • A Drive System. For the electrical systems this includes a motor drive box for most common voltages and frequencies. For hydraulic systems this includes either a hydraulic power unit with solenoids and electric pump or a manual hydraulic power unit (HPU) pump. Manual systems can be manipulated with cables, levers and hand wheels.
  • Tubing or Cabling. We will help you select the proper electrical cables and/or rigid hydraulic tubing to meet your specific application.
  • Monitor (Water Cannon). With over 25 different models, Akron Brass is the world’s leading provider of monitors and associated nozzles. The models vary by flow rate and application and are available in brass, Pyrolite®, and stainless steel.
  • Nozzle. Akron Brass will match your application requirements with your monitor of choice to give you the optimal reach, flow rate and accuracy.

Question: Are your products certified for use by any third parties?

Answer: Nearly every product produced by Akron Brass Company meets the appropriate National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) guidelines for operation. We also have a number of products certified for operation in hazardous locations (FM approved for NEC Class 1, Div 2, Groups C&D, and ATEX Zone 1 / Zone 2)

Question: What sets Akron Brass apart from other companies with similar products?

Answer: Our products, process and people set us apart from other suppliers.
  • Products. Akron’s product lines include industrial water cannons (monitors), handline and masterstream nozzles, a large array of valves, specialized roof and bumper mounted turrets, special application foam equipment, water flow test units, scene lighting, water safe electrical supply and distribution equipment, firefighting hand tools, and specialty vehicle lighting and electrical control systems.
  • Process. You’ll find no better company than Akron Brass at leveraging our vast array of products to provide you the best solution for your particular needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate into a customer’s existing system. We can create custom control panels to work with your existing infrastructure. Custom controls gives you unmatched design flexibility. We also specialize in the replacement and retrofit of existing industrial systems. We regularly provide industrial systems that meet customer needs (i.e. longer lasting, reduced maintenance, lower total cost) where other systems have failed or reached their end of life.
  • People. Our greatest assets are our people. We realize the reason for our continued success is our ability to work with you and your firm to deliver what you need, not just the same standard offering.

Question: How can I find out more about Akron Brass Industrial Systems?

Answer: Contact us toll free at 1-800-228-1161 (1-330-264-5678) to speak to an engineer.

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