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Airport Fire Fighting (ARFF) Equipment

In an airport ground emergency, the first responder’s initial mission is to increase the survivability of the passengers and crew on board by securing the aircraft against all hazards.  Firefighting in this environment also involves structural fire suppression, evacuation and hazard mitigation.  Due to the mass casualty potential of an aviation emergency, quick response is of the utmost importance.  Airport firefighters are highly trained in the application of firefighting foams, dry chemical and clean agents to extinguish burning aviation fuel in and around an aircraft.


Recommended ARFF Equipment

Akron Brass makes a variety of specialized nozzles and monitors to support airport rescue operations. Our products include Roof and Bumper turrets, as well as foam and dry chemical firefighting nozzles designed for aircraft rescue and firefighting. Delivering up to 2000 gpm (7600 lpm) of water and 305 ft (93 m) of foam solutions, the Trident HFRT-10 is the perfect match for your airport firefighting needs. All Akron Brass aircraft rescue and firefighting turrets exceed NFPA 414 and FAA requirements.

We also have product also available for aircraft snow removal and de-icing applications.

If you are looking to protect airport assets, Contact Us today to schedule a product demonstration or get a quote from your local distributor.


Airport Fire fighting Case Study

Akron Brass worked with the U.S. Air Force Fire Research Group to design a remote-control monitor and nozzles that can handle high-pressure foam streams.

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