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Apparatus Valves

When it comes to apparatus valves, Akron Brass sets the industry standard. Each of these valves features our unique Swing-Out™ design, which makes them easy to service without removing the valves from the plumbing. Designed specifically for the fire service industry, apparatus valves are designed for dependability and manufactured to exceed NFPA requirements when used with electric, gear or air actuators. Browse all of our apparatus valves selection below to find the right valves for your application.

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Featured Apparatus Valves


8600 Series: Non-Locking with Stainless Steel Ball


8800 Series: Self-locking with Stainless Steel Ball


8900 Series: Self & Non-Locking with Fusion CF BallMore

Types of Apparatus Valves

The non-locking apparatus valve is a heavy-duty, single-valve body able to accept a variety of actuators and able to withstand harsh fire service environments that challenge the valve’s sealing capabilities. Its patent-pending HydroMax TM technology has a top quality performance never seen before in a swing-out valve. You can choose from four different sizes/models.

We offer seven different sizes/models of the heavy-duty self-locking apparatus valve that accepts a number of actuators. This self-locking apparatus valve also has the patent-pending Hydro Max TM stainless steel ball. It is designed to withstand the toughest fire service realities when water contaminants challenge a valve’ s sealing capabilities.

The self and non-locking fusion cf composite ball single-body apparatus valve comes in seven different sizes/models. This valve accepts a number of actuators and also has the patent-pending Hydro Max TM technology.

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