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Meet Steve Birch

Steve Birch Steve is Akron Brass’ Senior Sales Development Manager for Northern Europe and the Netherlands.

Steve joined the Akron Brass team 4 years ago and has excelled as a great sales manager through dedication and hard work. He also has been on the UK Fire & Rescue for 31 years, which included 7 years in the Training Department and was awarded the Queens medal for long service and the Jubilee medal. Steve provides significant expertise in high rise firefighting. 

Steve resides in Manchester, UK with his wife and two cats, Charlie and Lucy. He has two children and a granddaughter. He enjoys walking with his wife and watching football.

"I joined Akron Brass so I could extend my knowledge in the fire industry and be part of one of the best names in the world related to firefighting equipment," said Steve as to why he joined Akron.

"Steve has been and will continue to be a great addition to the Akron Brass team,” says Fabio Ferrari, VP of International Sales. “His vast hands-on experience with firefighting has made him a trusted and reliable resource to serve you, our customer.”

Contact Steve for all your Akron Brass questions in Northern Europe and the Netherlands. He can be reached at or +44 (0) 778-820-9989.

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