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Meet Richard Hume

Richard joined Akron Brass in December 2012 and is the Sales Development Manager for Australia, New Zealand, PNG, and the South Pacific Islands.

As a member of the Victorian Country Fire Authority, a Brigade Captain for six years and with over 1,000 incidents under his belt, Richard has valuable insight into firefighting products in the Australasian environment. Richard has been presented with the National Emergency Medal for his contribution to the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

Residing in the beachside suburb of Mt Eliza around an hour south of Melbourne Australia, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife Susan and three sons.

“I joined Akron Brass because I appreciate their dedication to quality products coupled with their desire to extend their expertise to encompass upcoming technology.

The global perspective that Akron Brass offers is amazing and I’m always interested to see how particular regions have developed individual solutions to the many common scenarios that emergency responders encounter.

Working with the various emergency services, OEMs and distributors is a challenging and rewarding role which I thoroughly enjoy.”

Contact Richard for all your Akron Brass questions in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, and the South Pacific Islands. He can be reached at or +61 (0) 450 906469.

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