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Meet Peter Lauffenburger

Pete is the in-house expert and global product line manager for valves and lighting. Pete gained his product marketing experience by first earning his BSME as a mechanical engineer from The Ohio State University.  He began his career at Lockheed Martin, where he worked on the design of a High Altitude Airship.  He continued to hone his product development skills at several more companies before he joined the team at Akron Brass.

Lauffenburger shares why he lends his talents to Akron Brass. “It was the mission and the people that work there that drew me in“.  His firm belief in the mission of Akron Brass shows.  Pete makes it a priority to listen to customer suggestions, to find innovative solutions that match their needs and to develop products that they can use.   

Pete resides in Orrville, OH with his wonderful wife, two children (Isaac, age five and  Anna, age seven) and their two cats and dog.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing racquetball, kettle bell training and spending time with his family.  He also supports his local fire department as a volunteer fire fighter and president of the organization.    

Contact Pete for your valve and lighting questions.  He can be reached at or 330-287-7087.


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