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Meet Jason Riggenbach

Jason is the in-house expert and global product line manager for tools, reels and power distribution. He is also the Manager of Technical Service where he makes sure all your technical questions or concerns are answered as quickly as possible. In previous roles at Akron Brass, he also gained expertise in managing the nozzle and scene lighting products. Jason earned his BS from the University of Toledo and secured his MBA from Ashland University.

Riggenbach made significant contributions while employed at Rubbermaid, but made the switch to Akron Brass because he wanted to develop products that could help save lives. We are glad he chose Akron Brass.

He is an active member of several committees in the fire industry where he is a key technical contributor. These organizations include: the NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Hose (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, & 1965) and the A Foam Authority.

Jason resides in Smithville, OH with his wife of 18 years and their son. When Jason is not in the office, he is traveling, gardening or reading.

Contact Jason for technical service needs or questions regarding tools, reels and power distribution products. He can be reached at or 330-287-7024.

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