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We Take Quality Seriously

hazenAt Akron Brass, it’s our job to help you protect what matters to you most. In fact, did you know that every product is 100% tested to our rigorous leakage and performance standards before we ship it?  We can even measure machining accuracy to .00005 of an inch to make sure your equipment is manufactured with precision that is second to none.  Our quality team, led by Dave Hazen, is dedicated to continuous improvement of our processes, people and suppliers.

Here at Akron Brass we take great pride in ensuring that every product meets your satisfaction and stands up to the rugged conditions where it’s used. We also know our customers understand the connection between high quality and value.  That is why we stand behind our products with generous warranty policies which ensure you can count on Akron Brass products for many years. And if your product needs repaired, you will find our repair team ready and standing by to provide top-notch service to get your product back in the field.  

Quick Quality Facts:

  • New product designs are subjected to a comprehensive regimen of mechanical, electrical, environmental, and functionality tests specific to the application. In-house testing capabilities, combined with independent laboratories, are used to qualify new product designs.
  • Testing is also performed on proven products in production to ensure that each product performs to specification.
  • Test standards include: SAE, MIL, NFPA, FM, CE, DOT, FMVSS

Thanks for trusting Akron Brass for your high quality life safety product needs!


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