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Akron Brass Unveiling New Water Cannons at QME 2012

Wooster, OH, July 2, 2012 – Akron Brass, a manufacturer of high performance fire fighting equipment, will showcase its latest water cannons in a “dynamic” display on Stand 7119 during the 2012 Queensland Mining and Engineering (QME) Exhibition at the Mackay Showground from July 24-26.

The range of manual, joystick-controlled and PLC-controlled robotic water cannons and firefighting nozzles is said to offer major time and cost savings.

A series of Severe-Duty Water Cannons for fire fighting, dust suppression or cleaning machines and with either electric or hydraulic operations will headline the display.

Akron Brass’s 3491 12v or 24v electric Severe-Duty Water Cannon and its 3492 hydraulic model have stainless steel waterways and are available with fog/jet styles nozzles. A PLC/robotic-controlled Severe-Duty Water Cannon system, for automatically washing down mining equipment or use in processing facilities will also be highlighted at the QME exhibition. The system can be programmed to a desired sweep pattern to clean specific areas.

According to Nick Foran, Sales Development Manager, this system “can deliver significant labor cost savings, can eliminate haul trucks from your mining fleet, save water, can be operated from an office or control room and will save millions of dollars over the life of a project”.

For example, he said, the system could wash a large haul truck in about 15 minutes, as opposed to one to two hours.

“This means the trucks aren't out of operation for as long, reducing the need for more trucks in a fleet while others are being washed,” said Foran.

Another highlight of the Akron Brass display will be the 3524 Omega Water Cannon, purpose built for use on watercarts and in heavy vehicle washdown and processing facilities.

“This system does not require external greasing of swivel joints as they are fully sealed and protected from mine water,” Foran said.

Akron Brass water cannons can be used by:

  • Watercarts for dust suppression, fire fighting and cleaning
  • Heavy vehicle washdown facilities for cleaning machines
  • Processing facilities for moving waste or product spillage to sumps
  • Emergency response vehicles.

Stop by Stand 7119 to meet with an Akron Brass Product Expert at QME.


About Akron Brass Company

Founded in 1918, Akron Brass is a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of high performance life safety, fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment.  A Premier Farnell company, Akron Brass is ISO 9001: 2000 registered and has an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative products. 

For more information on Akron Brass products, please contact your local Akron Brass Distributor, visit or call Akron Brass Customer Service at (330) 264-5678.

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