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Akron Brass Launches New Portable Electric Monitor

Wooster, OH, June 15, 2012 – Akron Brass introduces a new Portable Electric monitor (water cannon) designed and tested for superior firefighting, exposure control and Haz-Mat mitigation.  The Apollo PE, Style 3419, is the only portable electric monitor on the market that features a quick-change battery system. 

The Apollo PE combines high flow 1250 gpm (4800 lpm) capabilities with a self-contained battery and electronic control system. When the primary battery module is depleted, it can be removed within seconds and replaced with a fully charged battery module extending your run time. The battery modules have an LED state of charge gauge to check their status at a glance.  The battery module is capable of running the monitor for three hours while at maximum flow and in continuous oscillation mode.  When mounted on the truck, the Apollo PE can be connected to the apparatus power to maintain the battery at maximum capacity.

The Apollo PE utilizes a new on-board microprocessor based control system with built-in wireless capability to allow operation from a safe distance.  Akron’s standard wireless handheld control along with a variety of Akron Brass CAN based “plug and play” control devices, such as joysticks and toggle switch operator stations, can be used to operate the monitor giving you multiple control options .  The Apollo PE can be programmed to oscillate anywhere within its horizontal range and the oscillation range can be adjusted while the monitor is oscillating. 

The Apollo PE maintains the industry leading range of motion from the classic Apollo monitor allowing 180 degrees of horizontal motion while in portable mode and 355 degrees when mounted on the apparatus.  The Style 3419 also uses the same ground bases as Akron’s current Apollo monitor making it an easy upgrade to your existing equipment.  As technology changes, the monitor’s software can be upgraded by utilizing the convenient USB port for quick feature updates. 

The Apollo PE can be used with Akron’s standard 5177 Akromatic 1250 nozzle, 1577 SaberMaster nozzle, or a variety of deluge and stack tip sets.  Please visit  for more product information.

About Akron Brass Company

Founded in 1918, Akron Brass is a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of high performance life safety, firefighting and emergency rescue equipment.  A Premier Farnell company, Akron Brass is ISO 9001: 2000 registered and has an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative products.         

For more information on Akron Brass products, please contact your local Akron Brass Distributor, visit or call the Akron Brass Customer Service Department at (330) 264-5678.

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