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System Overview


What is Link2 fleet management software?
The Link2 product system vehicle data and transmits it to a secure web portal.  The data can then be accessed anywhere in the world at any time through a secure account.  It includes a Link2 hardware module that is mounted on the vehicle, and within range of a Wi-Fi network, automatically uploads the data to a web-based fleet management software dashboard that allows the user to interact intuitively with collected vehicle data.

Who needs Link2?
End Users – Fire fighters need simplified, automatic, and reliable truck operations. End users are concerned with extending the life of their trucks and monitoring how their personnel operate their vehicles when they take them to scene events to improve driver training.

Truck Dealers / Distributors – Need operational and diagnostics data for timely and cost effective maintenance. The Link2 offering will give insight to schedule and service vehicles more efficiently and less costly.

OEM Builders – Need remote access to trucks data to reduce warranty costs. Need usage characteristics of the use of their product by their customers. The Link2 offering will allow the OEM builder to use collected data to make future design improvements to their vehicles.

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System Installation

What do I have to install on the vehicle?
The Link2 system consists of a module that gets installed on the vehicle and subscription based access to the dashboard.  The module is a sealed Deutsch enclosure that must be installed on the vehicle.  It contains the required hardware to transmit vehicle information through a wireless network to the Link2 remote servers.

Can I install the Link2 on my own?
It is recommended that the Link2 be installed by a trained Link2 service agent. However, it can be installed by anyone technically capable.  The installation includes gaining access to specific circuits on the vehicle and splicing into existing wiring.  Installation should only be done by those that have been properly trained.  A list of Link2 service agents can be found at link2dashboard.com

Does the Link2 use standards-based wireless radios and protocols for connecting to a network?
Yes, the Link2 uses the same technology as other familiar devices, such as your computer, wireless printer and tablets. All of these devices utilize the 802.11 standard for wireless connectivity to a network.

How do I configure Link2 to access my wireless network?
Upon initial installation, the Link2 must be connected to a computer to configure access to wireless networks.  This is done using a standard USB cable like you use to connect you printer to your computer.  Using a software program called Definer (available for free download at link2dashboard.com) the Link2 module can be configured to connect to and store passwords for wireless networks.  The Link2 module needs to be within range of the Wi-Fi network when it is being configured.

What if my wireless signal is weak in my station?
An antenna extension is available for areas that have weak Wi-Fi signals.  Contact customer service or technical support for additional details.  Sometimes this antenna is still not enough and an additional wireless access point or signal booster may need to be installed to boost the signal.

Do I need to configure the Link2 device to connect to our network, or will it automatically connect?
Just like any wireless internet device the Link2 must be informed of the wireless credentials - commonly known as the Access Point ID (also known as the SSID) and the security password of the network to which it will connect.

Once the Link2 is configured for a network, will it automatically connect, or will the password be required each time?
Similar to standard computing devices, once the Link2 is configured for a wireless network, it will automatically connect and join that network whenever it is in range.

Can I configure my Link2 to connect to more than one wireless hotspot/network?
Yes, the Link2 can connect to four (4) unique access points.

Do I have to disclose the wireless password when I order or specify it on my truck?
No, the Link2 is configured by the person that knows the network credentials, by using a simple program (Definer – available for free download at link2dashboard.com) that runs on a computer.  The Link2 connects to the computer via the USB port for setup.

Our trucks have a mobile hotspot that connects through the cellular plan already that we use for our computers on scene - can the Link2 connect to that?
Yes, generally, if you can connect your computer to the mobile hotspot, then the Link2 will also connect to it.  All of these type devices utilize the 802.11 wireless standard.

What happens if my Link2 tries to upload but can’t find the first network that was configured on the unit?
If multiple networks have been configured, the Link2 will cycle through all of the stored networks and attempt to connect and upload.  If any of them are within range the Link2 module will connect and upload automatically.

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System Functions and Details

How does the Link2 collect data from the fire apparatus?
The Link2 collects data from the apparatus through the J1939 connections to the vehicle data link and other wired sensors as installed.

How does the Link2 hardware upload collected data?
The Link2 hardware uses an established connection to any configured Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n network access point.   Data is automatically uploaded through the configured network when the vehicle is within range of the network and the power is turned off to the vehicle.  At power down, the Link2 remains active for a short period of time to transmit data and then powers itself off.

Where do I access the collected Link2 vehicle data?
Link2 vehicle data can be accessed via the web, anytime, anywhere at link2dashboard.com

How do I get access to the collected Link2 vehicle data?

A subscription to link2dashboard.com is required to access Link2 vehicle information.   Reference subscription details in the Link2 Dashboard Subscriptions section.  Every Link2 purchase comes with subscription access and will have a 1, 2 or 5 year subscription included depending on which part number is specified.

Which vehicles are compatible with Link2?
All heavy duty chassis J1939 vehicles, 2001 and newer.

What vehicles are NOT compatible with Link2?
Vehicles older than 2001 or those that do not have a J1939 network on them.  Generally, van type ambulances and light duty pickup trucks are not compatible with Link2.

What vehicle data can the Link2 hardware capture?
The Link2 hardware module is designed for heavy duty chassis vehicles, connecting into the chassis J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN) data bus. Engine, transmission, ABS, aerial, fuel levels, tank levels, and PTO information are some of the types of information recorded and captured with the hardware.  The data is then transmitted automatically via a Wi-Fi internet connection.   Reference link2dashboard.com for a complete list of parameters that can be recorded with Link2.

Will Link2 vehicle diagnostics monitor tire pressure?
Link2 currently does not have the capability to monitor tire pressure.

Does the Link2 product require an additional cellular data plan?
No, Link2 doesn’t need a cellular plan to collect and transmit data. Its uses a standard 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connection.

Does the Link2 hardware meet NFPA 1901 recording requirements?
Yes, the Link2 product fully meets all recording requirements of NFPA 1901.

Do I need to install a receiver in the station to collect data from the Link2 device?
Link2 does not require a receiver at the station as it connects directly to the internet through the Wi-Fi hot spot.  Link2 automatically populates a web-based dashboard to display collected data in a user friendly format.

What’s the difference between Link2 fleet management software and the current Weldon VDR?
Although both devices satisfy NFPA 1901 recording requirements, the Weldon VDR offers connectivity into the Weldon V-Mux system, 6 seat belt occupancy inputs as well as a CAN gateway port. The Link2 hardware currently does not offer this functionality. The Link2 module offers Wi-Fi access to recorded data, something the VDR does not offer.

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Purchasing Link2

What is the standard lead time for the Link2 module?
The standard lead time for the Link2 module is 2 weeks.  The first modules from Weldon will ship the week of January 6th, 2014.

What is the pricing for the Link2 product offering?
The purchase of a module includes a 1 year subscription.  It can also be purchased with a 2 year or 5 year subscription.  Contact a local Link2 service agent for detailed pricing information.  

How will Link2 be sold?
The Link2 hardware module can be purchased by OEM builders and Dealers / Distributors directly from Weldon.   The Link2 module includes either a 1, 2 or 5 year subscription depending on the part number specified.  Renewal for Link2 fleet management software subscriptions purchased by the end user can only be purchased through Dealers / Distributors.  Each Link2 hardware module installed in a vehicle requires a minimum of one (1) subscription to view collected data on the web dashboard.  Subscriptions can be purchased on a 1 year, 2 or 5 year basis. Subscription pricing is per truck.  Subscriptions to link2dashboard.com are purchased by Dealers / Distributors and then sold to end users for use.

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Link2 Dashboard Subscriptions

How long is my subscription and when does it expire?

Subscriptions can be purchased in 1 year, 2 year or 5 year lengths.  The subscription expiration date is set either 1 year, 2 years or 5 years after the date that the module first transmits data to the Link2 servers. 

Who can access my vehicle information if I have an active subscription?
The administrator for the Link2 dashboard account can setup users to access the account.  The dealer that you purchased the module through is also able to access your information through their account.

How do I know when my subscription needs to be renewed?
Subscription reminder e-mails will be automatically sent 30, 60 and 90 days before the subscription is due to be renewed.  The renewal date is set based on the first date the Link2 module uploaded data.

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Link2 Dashboard

How many users can I add to my account?
There is no limit to the number of users you can add to your account.

Are there different administrative roles or permissions for access to the dashboard?

Yes.  There are three roles.  They are as follows:

  • Administrators: have full account access with no restrictions.
  • Users:  Cannot edit or add Vehicles or User profiles and cannot see other user profiles.   All other functions  are available.
  • Notification:  Cannot add, edit or see Vehicles or other Users profiles.  This role is used for people that need e-mail notifications only.

Where is my data stored?
Data is stored on secure, redundant servers located in a remote location.  Link2 dashboard accesses these servers to display the data in a user friendly format on the website.

Is my data secured and backed up?
Yes. The servers are backed up and are mirrored for additional security so data is always available.

How far back can I view the data?
All data that was collected from the time the module was first activated can be viewed at any time as long as the user has an active paid subscription.

What Can I See on the Dashboard?

With your online access, you can view and analyze your vehicle data to:

  • Configure event-triggered email alerts based on your custom requirements
  • Setup maintenance reports and email reminders
  • Create custom inspection forms and notifications
  • View vehicle activity logs and graphs

Can I customize my reports?
Reports cannot be customized by the end user on link2dashboard.com at this time.  However, custom reports can be configured by Weldon.   Contact technical support to discuss your specific needs.

Who owns the vehicle data?
The vehicle data is owned by Weldon.  For more details, please read the terms and conditions available on link2dashboard.com.

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Customer and Technical Support

Will existing Reach Engineering LLC customer agreements continue to be honored?
Yes, all customer agreements established by Reach Engineering prior to the date of the acquisition will be honored after the acquisition is completed.

Who should Link2 users contact for product support?
Weldon customer service and application engineering will support ordering and technical support inquires.

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Contact Information

Link2 Product Inquiries:
Jeff Zook, Product Line Manager
jzook@weldoninc.com or 330-263-9540


Link2 Ordering:
Weldon Customer Service


Link2 Technical Support:
Markus Kelley, Weldon Applications Engineer






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