Extracting valuable minerals and metals from the earth’s soil has been done for centuries. Mined materials such as sands and gravels, limestone, coal, gold, silver, copper and aluminum are used in making roads and buildings, making concrete and making electric circuits.  Mining, in some regions, provides the foundation for local economies. The work conditions surrounding the mine industry are very dusty, muddy and noisy; working under extreme temperature ranges. Heavy duty equipment is needed to operate in these severe conditions.  Dust generated by drilling in mines still places miners at risk.  Akron cares about the safety of personnel involved and wants to help minimize the dangers in controlling dust and exposure to the environment.

Mining Solutions:

Products suitable for the rugged mining environment must hold up to non-stop vibration, untreated recycled water and extremely dirty conditions.  Fortunately, Akron Brass has a solution. We have engineered unique manual and electric monitor (water cannons) systems for fire fighting, dust suppression, high duty cycle, equipment cleaning and rock face stabilization.

Product Uses:

  • Dust suppression – Dust control for the safety of miners
  • Fire suppression – reliable fire protection
  • Heavy vehicle wash down facilities – Programmable water cannons will clean your equipment automatically saving you time and resources using less water consumption.
  • Heavy vehicle wash down in-field (in processing & washing facilities) – Reduced maintenance costs and downtime by regular care and cleaning of equipment in the field.
  • Rock face stabilization or high wall washing – stabilize the rock face by washing out lose rocks for the safety of personnel and equipment.

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Dust suppression solution supplied to South African mining industry

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