From yachts to aircraft carriers or cruise ships, the outbreak of a fire is about the worst situation that a sailor can face at sea. The potential for loss of life, environmental disaster or a threat to valuable cargo and assets is magnified when help can be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. There is no question that marine firefighting presents unique challenges. Although industry regulations require a certain level of onboard firefighting capabilities, are you certain that your equipment gives you the best opportunity to prevent a catastrophic loss.

Marine Solutions

For many years, Akron Brass has supplied the marine industry with rugged and dependable equipment specifically designed for the unique situations presented during emergencies at sea.  Akron offers a line of marine firefighting equipment ranging from hand line nozzles, fittings, adapters, manual or remote controlled monitors and tools. We strive to have products Coast Guard or SOLAS approved. Let Akron Brass assist you with selecting the best products for your marine firefighting needs.

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