Bus and Pupil Transportation

School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school. The primary vehicle used for student transport in North America, school buses are distinguished from other types of buses by design characteristics necessitated by federal and state/provincial regulations. Federal school bus safety standards require that school buses are equipped with specific warning and safety devices. Weldon manufactures the latest in transportation safety innovations.

Safe and efficient pupil transportation for our children takes teamwork by everyone involved. We partner with original equipment manufacturers, contractors, and fleet managers to provide solutions for all your vehicle lighting needs.

Weldon Bus Solutions:

Customer driven solutions is what we do best. From energy-efficient, durable, and serviceable LED lighting products to V-MUX multiplexing solutions, we work closely with customers like you to provide school bus safety products; keeping our children and communities safe while on the road.  Whether you manage one bus or an entire fleet, Weldon can provide all your lighting and multiplexing solutions to ensure your fleet meets federal school bus safety standards.

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